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What's New?

Many hours of planning and development went into the new series of BEATCITY NETWORK web sites...still with much more work to do. This is the first release of our new look and new functions. We hope you like what you see and that you find the sites easy to use and helpful.

So, what's new other than the new look? Read on...

Expanded Coverage Areas

We are expanding our coverage area to other areas...if anyone is looking for a commission based sales job send us your plain text resume through the Jobs Page.

More Local Listings

We have added tons more listings to our database but are not done...will never be done for that matter.

If you see something that is wrong please tell us by submitting a Review on the listing in question by using the Reviews icon for the listing.

If you cannot find something and think it is missing from our database, please tell us. We're always on the lookout for cool places we think others should know about. To suggest a listing, please use the Default Reviews Form.

Improved Search Capability

Our listings can now be better searched by business name and city once you are in a main category. Further improvements and more robust searches are still in the works.

Improved Page Navigation Links

We have improved our page navigation links now making it much easier to move around listings page by page in a more consistent manner.

User Registration System

Users can now create an account that automatically enrolls them in our mailing list. The benefits of having a user account will continue to grow and many are still in the development phase. Current benefits are listed below:

Musician Database

Musicians can post a profile and details of their musical experience in order to make themselves to play on a regular or fill-in basis with a band or as a studio musican.

Free Personal Ads

With your BEATCITY User account you will be able to add a Personal Profile that will be made available under our new site, RU Still Single, currently under development.

Free Online Games

Those registering for a free user account will also be able to play some free online games (requires Flash plugin).

Play Free Online Games.

Business User Upgrades

Registered users can request a free business upgrade for their account if they own a local business, including entertainers. Business users will have control over their business listings on BEATCITY.

Cool Gadgets

We now have a Cool Gadgets section where we will show you things we think are cool. Of course you don't have to take our word for it but hey we wouldn't knowingly steer you wrong, now would we?!

If you are interested in writing reviews on a gadget you think is cool then drop us a line via our Default Reviews Form.


We now have a variety of web sites that we think you will like:

About the Bay. This web site is geared more for tourists but the information can also be helpful and interesting for residents as well. The site highlights attractions of the Bay Area as well as helpful information for contacting major Hotels, Credit Card companies, and more.

Bay Area Nitelife. This web site is for all those cutting-edge 'nite people' out there. You can find tons of bars, clubs, adult gentlemen's clubs, tattoo parlors, body piercing, pickup lines, cocktail recipes and more.

Cuisine Passport. Looking to Save $100s at local restaurants? Check out this site and find out more information.

RU Still Single. Looking to meet local singles? Well so are we! So we are making this new site so that you can finally find your true love! This site is under development but you can create your BEATCITY User account and enter your profile data now. We will notify you before the site is ready to go live so you can tweak your profile accordingly.

On The Horizon

We still have a ton of ideas in the planning and devlopment stages. So stay tuned and check back often. If you have any ideas or comments please take our Site Survey or drop us an email via our Feedback link.

If you would like to contribute content or become an intern and help in developing a cool network of sites then contact us through our Jobs Page.

If you are a business that would like to advertise on any of our BEATCITY NETWORK sites, please see our Advertising Page.


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Sign to support vaccines for AIDS.

Rate your favorite and not-so favorite places by adding a review on BeatCity. Simply search for the place and then look for this icon:

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