San Jose - San Francisco - Oakland Thursday, Apr. 25, 2024
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The All-Knowing All-Telling 'Know-It-Ball'

Funniest, Best, and Worst Pick-Up Lines


Cute Sake server girl. Our REAL Sake Guide

Movin' to the Beat - Band & DJ & Crowd Photos

"Top-10" Lists

Ten Rules of Housekeeping

Top 10 Dog Pet Peeves About Humans

Benefits of Getting Old?

How to Keep a Healthy Level of Insanity

Funny Things to do in a Department Store

Things to Never Say to a Cop

You Know You're a Blueneck When...

You Know You're Californian When...

Funny and Interesting Web Site Links

Jib Jab - Great political satire videos/cartoons!

eBaum's World - Hilarious videos and more!

Loony Limericks - Very Funny. You could spend hours here!

Hipster Bingo - Pretty Funny. Check it out and then Play!

Clumsy Crooks - Amusing stories, funny photos, and more.

Liquid ASS - A gag gift proudly made in the USA!

Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids

Netroglycerine - A Place for Learning

Gracious, Affordable Living in Silicon Valley!

Health Related Web Site Links

Natural Health Reference Site - Includes intersting folk remedies.

Natural Method to Lower Blood Pressure - If you suffer from hypertension, check this self treatment via controlled breathing.

Nuts on Nutrition - Some missing pages but still good info.

Reference Web Site Links

JA Connection - Learn About Japan and Japanese Language

Wikipedia - A cool encyclopedia web site with tons of information on numerous and various topics.

Dictionary - A helpful reference of definitions when you don't have a regular dictionary on hand.

Urban Dictionary - A good resource containing definitions for many slang words and various abbreviations.

RatesFX - Currency converter for calculating the latest exchange rates.


Past Spotlight Features


Predictions for the NFL 2004 Season

Hearts in San Francisco. Hearts in San Francisco


Battle of the Bands


Bandit Softball

SharkArt Display in San Jose. DANGER!!! Shark Attacks


Rock the Vote.
Mt Zion Real Estate.
Ten Amazing Beach Trips to Try
Great Coffee Starts With Great Beans -
Four Leaf Clothing.
Sign to support vaccines for AIDS.

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