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BEATCITY respects the privacy of our visitors and customers. Thus, BEATCITY does not require visitors to create an account in order to access most information contained within this site. The scope of this privacy policy is limited to this site ( only.

BEATCITY may display banner ads and links to third party sites which may or may not be displayed within the framework of the BEATCITY site. Please be advised that these third party sites may or may not have their own privacy policies.

To keep you, the visitor, informed BEATCITY has documented below means by which, but not limited to, BEATCITY may employ as a method of data collection.

Web Logs:

This information helps us identify which areas of our site are of interest to our visitors. BEATCITY also collects the Internet (IP - Internet Protocol) addresses of its visitors for the purposes of system administration and to report aggregate information to our advertisers.


BEATCITY may also employ the use of cookies to identify repeat visitors or other data such as preferences which could then be employed to improve or tailor the visitor's experience on this site.


BEATCITY may at times survey it visitors to gain more insight into the demographics of our visitors and their areas of interest.

Email and HTML Forms:

BEATCITY may obtain information directly from visitors of the site via email or via HTML forms (i.e. guestbook registration, contests, mailing list registration, or other information requests). All such data may be used to gauge the demographics of our visitors.


Should personal information be obtained in any of these methods, BEATCITY will not willfully disclose these details to any third party unless permission is given by the visitor(s) in question or if required in good faith by law.

Protection of data transmitted over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. There is always a chance that persons outside of BEATCITY could intercept the data transmission. Knowing this, the visitor must assume the risk of data transmissions.

BEATCITY will make its best efforts to ensure that personal and confidential data collected through any of the above means will be protected and remain undisclosed as outlined in this policy.

BEATCITY reserves the right to revise this policy at any time without notice. Should BEATCITY revise this policy in a manner which collected data may be provided to third parties, BEATCITY will ensure that data from visitors prior to the date of change in policy are not included in any disclosures without permission.


Please see our Terms of Use page for full details.


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