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BEATCITY is a city-guide and nightlife resource Web site for the Bay Area. Originally started in Santa Clara County, the site continues to grow, now expanding coverage to areas north through San Francisco and Oakland as well as south to Santa Cruz County and beyond.

You will find listings of restaurants, night clubs, bars, bands, DJs, shops and services plus other information we hope you will find entertaining and useful.

It is our mission to increase public awareness of local businesses and entertainment in an effort to help local businesses increase their market exposure by providing affordable online advertising as a compliment to their existing efforts.

We would like to encourage the locals to get out and explore the Bay Area. We hope this site will help you find a restaurant, business, or band that you never knew existed before. We live in a very diverse area, so get out there, experience it and enjoy it!

1255 San Tomas Aquino Rd
San Jose, CA 95117

Scott Kent
Tel: 408.835.1279


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