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This site was originally constructed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Some Internet Explorer specific features were used. Thus, in order to view this site as originally designed, we suggest using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Some of the features used [ Fixed background images, colored Horizontal Rule < HR > elements, and Cascading Style Sheets ] may not be supported by your browser.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer is not required but it allows you to view this site as originally designed as well as getting the most benefit from some of the interactivity I have begun to develop into the site through the use of Active-X and VBScript.


To get the full benefit of the language pages, it is beneficial for you to have a browser capable of displaying Japanese fonts. If you can read the following Japanese text, then you are all set.

この 字は 読めますか?

You should see the same exact text as shown in the following graphic.

If not, then try to change your Character Encoding to Japanese Shift_JIS.


It will also be very beneficial for you to have sound card support on your system. I feel that one of the most important things a person can do when learning to speak Japanese is to first concentrate on the proper pronunciation and intonation. Some items will have audio files for you to listen to so you can hear the proper pronunciation.


To make this site more interactive for the user, I have created quizzes that utilize Active-X components from Microsoft.


This site was also designed using a display resolution of 800 x 600 and is best viewed using the same settings however, not at all required.

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